You can find bigger law firms that specialize in some of the same practice areas as Reden | Riddell. But you’d be hard-pressed to find one that does it better.

For our analytical ability, creativity, strategies, attention to detail and thoroughness clients give us an A+. We closely examine all the facts in a case and can connect the dots in ways that others don’t see. We seek out all the possible paths to solving your problem and negotiate fiercely to get you the best results.

Clients also see a bonus in our size. They give us top marks for responsiveness, personal attention, communication and efficiency.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take theirs.

  • “It’s not a huge firm where you’re just another client.”

  • “They deliver what they say they’re going to deliver.”

  • “Sometimes, having somebody who can be more nimble and very responsive to you is far more valuable than a ginormous name or even a very, very well-recognized name.”

  • “They’re creative about how to attack a problem. They’ve worked with us on a number of cases that seemed impossible to resolve on our terms and to the benefits of our owners and our company. In those kinds of situations, they’ve come up with some surprising ways to attack it and resolve things favorably.”

  • “They quickly grasp what it is you want to do, and they don’t waste a lot of time. They are very easy to talk to, very responsive, they communicate clearly, and they do things quickly and efficiently.”

  • “Justin is incredibly responsive to our needs, and very focused and tenacious in representing our interests. He’s very open to looking at different options and alternatives in terms of how we pursue legal action or view different transactions. He’s incredibly open to understanding what the issues are be it asking questions, listening, follow-up questions.”